Well of Dreams by Kayla Ann, Addison Horner, Efa Fine Arts

Free ebook download txt format Well of Dreams

Well of Dreams

Kayla Ann, Addison Horner, Efa Fine Arts

Page: 442

Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

ISBN: 9798988438502

Publisher: Kayla Ann Books

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Free ebook download txt format Well of Dreams

The gods predicted the end, but they never counted on mankind's will to survive... After an apocalyptic event that left the world in ruin, the surviving nation of Evrópa returns to the reverence of ancestral magic and mystic runes. Seventeen-year-old Larissa Daldóttir has little time to dwell on such folklore-not with a monthly produce quota to meet and an illegal second-born sister to hide. Enslavement, if not death at the hands of the Empress, awaits her family should Halla be discovered. When Larissa is mistaken to be in league with the resistance against the Empress, she must flee with Halla. Wounded and hunted by agents of the Empress, Larissa's survival relies on a mercurial shapeshifter and a mysteriously familiar young man from her forgotten past. Running from both her past and the Empress, Larissa has no choice but to trust in the tenuous bonds built through heartache and tragedy. In a race to find the resistance before the Empress finds them, Larissa and Halla unintentionally unravel secrets of their history that not only unhinge the stability of the crown but their very lives. Well of Dreams is a YA dystopian fantasy inspired by Norse mythology, strong sibling relationships, slow burn romance, strong female protagonists, and found family.

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